Desperately Seeking Helen

19981 h 20 min 40 secFilm: Documentary


Direction: Eisha Marjara

Production: David WilsonSally BochnerDon HaigAlison Burns

Script: Eisha Marjara

Director Eisha Marjara's story takes us first to her childhood in snowbound small-town Quebec and then to Bombay, India, where she desperately tries to track down Helen, a famous movie star in the world's largest dream factory. Helen becomes a passage into Marjara's real world--her unsettling youth, life-threatening anorexia, and the devastating 1985 Air India bombing, which took the lives of her mother and sister. This video revisits the '70s pop culture of Marjara's youth and enters the fascinating world of the Bombay movie industry--"Bollywood."

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Subject categories

  • Film and Video Arts > ActingCommunity and Society
  • Families > Family LifeImmigrant ExperienceParent-Child Relationships
  • Health and Medicine > Fitness and WeightFood Issues and Nutrition
  • Developing Countries > India, Nepal and PakistanPortraitsWomen
  • Cultural Diversity and Multiculturalism > Integration IssuesIntegration of Immigrants in QuebecLifestyle of Immigrants


Eisha Marjara
Eisha Marjara
Eisha Marjara
Eisha Marjara
David Wilson
executive producer
Sally Bochner
Don Haig
associate producer
Alison Burns
K.U. Mohana
Jules de Niverville
P.M. Satheesh
sound editing
Leopoldo Gutierrez
Chris Piggins
sound mix
Serge Boivin
Jean Paul Vialard
Gian Spezzacatana
David Abu Bacha
sound design
Sydney Alzate Chen
Ranjana Jha
Ludmilla Verhoven
Vrinda Bhasin
Preshita Sood


  • SRG SSR Award International Film Festival
  • Special Mention ("Nana" sculpture from the artist Niki de St.Phalle) given by PLANET - the documentary tv-channelInternational Documentary Film Festival