200413 min 54 secFilm: Animation


Direction: Chris Landreth

Production: Steven Hoban (Copper Heart Entertainment Inc.)Marcy Page (National Film Board of Canada)Mark Smith (Copper Heart Entertainment Inc.)Jed DeCoryKaryn NolanNoah SegalDavid Verrall

Produced by Copper Heart Entertainment in co-production with the National Film Board of Canada, in association with Seneca College - Animation Arts Centre, and with the participation of the Canadian Council for the Arts.

This animated short from Chris Landreth is based on the life of Ryan Larkin, a Canadian animator who produced some of the most influential animated films of his time. Ryan is living every artist's worst nightmare - succumbing to addiction, panhandling on the streets to make ends meet. Through computer-generated characters, Landreth interviews his friend to shed light on his downward spiral. Some strong language. Viewer discretion is advised.

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Subject categories

  • Film and Video Arts > AnimationNational Film Board of CanadaPortraits
  • Health/Personal Development > Mental Health/Stress/SuicideSubstance Use and Abuse/Addiction
  • Arts Education > Visual Arts


Chris Landreth
Steven Hoban
Marcy Page
Mark Smith
executive producer
Jed DeCory
Karyn Nolan
Noah Segal
David Verrall
associate producer
Jeremy Edwardes
computer graphics producer
David Baas
executive in charge of production
Larry DeFlorio
Fergus Marsh
Michael White
interview voice
Ryan Larkin
Chris Landreth
Felicity Fanjoy
Derek Lamb
Robb Denovan
Sebastian Kapijimpanga
Paul Kohut
Jeff Panko
character design
Chris Landreth
Belma Abdicevic
Belma Abdicevic
Belma Abdicevic
character modeller
Ted Charlton
Joseph Kim
character setup
Simon Sherr
Rick Kogucki
Bill Dwelly
Fred Ni
character texturing
Dave Bachelor
set texturing
Dave Bachelor
set design
Helen Zotalis Van Emmerik
Paul Cieniuch
Ian MacLeod
Helen Zotalis Van Emmerik
Paul Cieniuch
Ian MacLeod
Helen Zotalis Van Emmerik
Paul Cieniuch
Ian MacLeod
storyboard artist
Brian Lemay
additional animation
Alison Reiko Loader
Wadi Ejiwunmi
Terry Kalinich
additional effects animation
Yiqun Chen
Bill Dwelly
additional character design
Fred Ni
Thomas Hendry
additional texturing
Daniel Hornick
additional lighting
Ian MacLeod
Helen Zotalis Van Emmerik
additional compositing
Joe Raasch
render assistant
Dave Bachelor
software r&d director
Karan Singh
production programmer
Patrick Coleman
George Elkoura
Glenn Tsang
technical administrator
Martin Kumor
Martin Kumor
assistant system administrator
Steven Lin
Seneca assistant
Ali Murtaza
Heather Gagnier
Heather Chan
pre-production consultant
Rob Aitchison
Martin Hesselink
Gavin Soares
Derek Verdonck
post-production supervisor
Paula Devonshire
production accountant
Brian Borts
Kim Killam
picture editing services
Coptor Productions Inc.
Allan Code
assistant editor
Michael Morrow
Todd Ivey
Todd Ivey
Melanie Moulton
digital film transfer
Film Effects Inc.
sound design services
Tattersall Sound & Picture
sound supervisor
David McCallum
re-recording mixer
Lou Solakofski
dialogue editor
Martin Gwynn Jones
ADR editor
Martin Gwynn Jones
sound effects editor
Jane Tattersall
Garrett Kerr
David Rose
Rod Deogrades
assistant re-recording mixer
Eliot Crackower
foley artist
Steve Hammond
foley assistant
John Elliott
foley recordist
Eric Culp
ADR recordist
Robert DiGioria
sound mixing services
Casablanca Magnetic North
Hugh Marsh
Don Rooke
Jeremy Edwardes
Roberto Occhipinti
Brian Barlow
music engineer
Ormond Jobin


  • One of the Top 10 Canadian Films of 2004Canada's Top Ten
  • Audience Award for Best Short FilmIFP Los Angeles Film Festival
  • International Portuguese Film Festival
  • Special Jury AwardInternational Animated Film Festival
  • Renzo Kinoshita Prize - with a cash award of 250,000Yen (2,286$US)International Animation Festival
  • The Sun Life Financial Award for Best Canadian Short - with a cash prize of $25,000CdnWorldwide Short Film Festival
  • Award of the (Very) Young Critic - given to the Best Short and Best Feature Films.International Film Festival
  • Kodak Award for Best Short Film - with 3000Euros in film stockInternational Film Festival
  • Canal + Award for Best Short Film - Canal + buy the rights of the film for broadcastingInternational Film Festival
  • Gold Medallion of Belgrade for Best Film of International Competition - with a cash prize of 2000EurosBelgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival
  • Award for Best Animation - with a cash prize of 1,500 Euros (Approx. 2,400$Cdn)International Film Festival
  • Urban Cinefile 2005 Audience Award - Best Short Film in World CinemaFilm Festival
  • Jury HonorsSIGGRAPH
  • Director's Choice Award - with a cash prize of 1,100$USAnimation Festival International
  • Gold AwardAnimation Festival International
  • 2005 Best Documentary Award - with a cash prize of 500$USDelaware Valley Arts Alliance
  • Grand Prix for Best Independent Short Film/Video - with a cash prize 3,000$International Animation Festival
  • Golden Nica Award - Category: Computer Animation / Visual Effects - with a cash award of 10,000EurosPrix ARS Electronica
  • Silver Chris - Category: Arts International Film and Video Festival
  • Z Télé New Discovery Award - with a cash prize of 5,000$CdnFestival du nouveau cinéma
  • Special Jury AwardMountain Film Festival
  • Grand prize - Best Short Film - with a cash prize of 500$USInternational Fantastic Film Festival (PIFAN)
  • Best Animation Film Prize - with a cash prize of 1,470Euros (approx. $2,080Cdn)International Short Film Festival of Drama
  • Best Canadian Short Film Award (ex aequo with THROUGH MY THICK GLASSES / À TRAVERS MES GROSSES LUNETTES)Atlantic International Film Festival
  • Best Experimental Film AwardLA Shorts Fest
  • Jury's Prize - with a cash prize of 1,000EurosImago Film Festival
  • Special prize of the JuryInternational Short Film Festival
  • Golden Spike Award - with a cash prize of 9,000Euros (approx. 13,942$Cdn)International Film Festival
  • Award - AnyZone CompetitionHolland Animation Film Festival
  • Grand Prix 2004 - Category: Narrative ShortsHolland Animation Film Festival
  • Special Mention - Category: International Shorts CompetitionAFI International Film Festival
  • First Place - Best Animation - with a cash prize 2,000$USInternational Short Film Festival
  • Short Film Jury PrizeNewport International Film Festival
  • TFCA Special Citation AwardToronto Film Critics Association Awards
  • Third Prize - with a cash prize of 3,000EurosAnimadrid
  • World Animation AwardInternational Film Festival
  • Prize of the JournalistsInternational Animated Film Festival / CINANIMA
  • Grand Prix Cinanima - Prize Caixa geral de Depositos - with a cash prize of 3,800EurosInternational Animated Film Festival / CINANIMA
  • ION International Animation of the Year AwardION International Short Film, Animation & Games Festival
  • Maverick Award for Best Animated FilmWoodstock Film Festival
  • Golden Dove Award - Category: Aniamtion - with a cash prize of 3,000Euros (approx. 4,500Cdn)International Festival for Documentary and Animated Film
  • Audience Award - Category: Digital Shorts CompetitionGolden Horse International Film Festival
  • Audience Award for Best International Short FilmCork Film Festival
  • Second Prize from the Public - with a cash prize of 500EurosFuture Film Festival
  • Oscar - Category: Short Film Awards - AnimationAnnual Academy Awards / OSCARS
  • Honorable Mention - Short FilmmakingSundance Film Festival
  • Genie Award for Best Animated ShortGenie Awards
  • First PrizeArtFutura
  • Silver Mikeldi for Animation - with a cash award of 1,803EurosInternational Festival of Documentary and Short Film (Zinebi)
  • Best Short Film AwardCape Town World Cinema Festival
  • Award for Best of the FestivalInternational Animation Festival
  • Award for Best Short AnimationCinequest
  • Special Jury AwardWorldFest - International Film Festival
  • Award for Best Short AnimationFilm Festival
  • Youth Jury Award - Most Innovative Short Film (Ages 13+)Reel to Real International Film Festival for Youth and Families
  • Best Animated Short Film Award - with a cash prize of 500$USInternational Film Festival
  • Golden Gate Award for Best Animated Short - with a cash prize of 1,500$USGolden Gate Awards Competition & International Film Festival
  • Jury's Choice - 1st Prize Works - with a cash prize of 200$USBlack Maria Film and Video Festival
  • Ellen Award for Originality - with a cash prize of 1,500$USAspen Shortfest
  • Animated Eye Award for Best Animated Short - with a cash prize of 2,500$USAspen Shortfest
  • Audience Award for Best International shortFlorida Film Festival