Skin Deep

19951 h 20 min 59 secFilm: Fiction, Feature-length fiction

Direction: Midi Onodera

Production: Midi OnoderaMehernaz LentinPhillip IngGinny StikemanSilva Basmajian

Script: Midi OnoderaBarbara O'Kelly

Co-produced by Daruma Pictures and the NFB.

Award winning Director Alex Koyama is poised to make her next feature--a film about love, obsession and trendy tattoos. She's charming, charismatic, and has a competent, sexy lover Montana, who doubles as her assistant. When Alex places an ad for a production assistant in a tattoo magazine, young, transgender Chris responds. Alex sees potential for research and enters into a disturbing power-game with Chris. Ignoring warnings from Montana, Alex allows Chris' infatuation with her to spiral out of control. The consequences are tragically drawn out as the drama of Alex's own life supersedes her created fiction. Skin Deep peels away the layers of a person's identity as it leads the viewer into worlds where people are never what they appear to be.

Subject categories

  • Sexuality and Reproduction > Interpersonal RelationshipsSexual minorities (2SLGBTQ+ people)


Midi Onodera
Midi Onodera
Mehernaz Lentin
Phillip Ing
Ginny Stikeman
Silva Basmajian
Midi Onodera
Barbara O'Kelly
Robert MacDonald
Robert Wolfson
Ao Loo
Sarah Peddie
sound editing
Jane Tattersall
Shelley Craig
Kathryn Moses
Natsuko Ohama
Keram Malicki-Sanchez
Dana Brooks
Melanie Nicholls-King
David Crean
Chris Peterson
Tara Charendoff
Geoff McBride
Ken Hori
Michael Gencher