Soldiers for the Streets

200411 min 10 secFilm: Documentary

Direction: Ngardy Conteh George

Production: Gerry FlahiveSilva Basmajian

Script: Ngardy Conteh George

Ras King spent the better part of his childhood bouncing between group homes after his mother was incarcerated. He became a drug dealer and hustler, but after seeing friends and his cousin murdered, he struggled to find a way out. Now he's using his street smarts to educate and mentor youth, delivering a message of inspiration and hope through Freedom Time Magazine and the Human Improvement Movement, an organization assisting African-Canadian youth and single mothers. Together, King and his comrades offer a revolutionary style of hip hop music to empower and strengthen the community. Ngardy Conteh's Soldiers for the Streets shows the power marginalized voices can have when they're raised in unison.


Subject categories

  • Cultural Diversity and Multiculturalism > African Origins
  • Social Issues > Social Problems


Ngardy Conteh George
Ngardy Conteh George
Gerry Flahive
Bruce Annis
director of photography
Mark Ellam
sound recordist
Robert Fletcher
production supervisor
Kemp Archibald
Jeff Sterne
production coordinator apprentice
Allan Tong
production assistant
Gail Maurice
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Garth Archibald
Beth Biederman
line producer
Douglas MacFarlane
senior production administration assistant
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product manager
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digital edit technician
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Dan Johnston
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Silva Basmajian